Scodix: Plans your BEST results!

Highlights of Scodix:

  • While considering few of the major factor of this machine; the most important aspect is its production speed which is 12,000 sheets per hour, this literally helps to finish work flow before the deadlines.

  • UV drip Off plays an important role in enhancing the matt/gloss effects over prints.

  • Couple of guidelines to pursue to accomplish Custom packaging design to its best outcome while applying SCODIX:

  • SCODIX: Trim Areas || SCODIX: Score Lines

  • SCODIX: Business Cards || Providing last work

Why Scodix?

  • Ocean's Deep Printers is the first company from Gujarat to import the SCODIX from Israel, while the second in India.

  • Scodix machine is very useful for the different color contrast designs from minor to major ones.

  • Where it includes an exact fresh feel to standard printing which keeps running effectively for a longer time.

  • Scodix provides value to its work by providing options to a user by in numeric metallic color printing along with an amazing Digital printing via selection of selected areas and some emboss functioning can be added to give a high-end resolution throughout the process in just few countable hours.

  • Some good qualified Six color SM-74 hidden with UV drip off – Heidelberg Machine plays an important role.

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Ocean's Deep Printers is the leader in different format printing

  • Ocean's Deep Printers is hitting the broadways path with a varied range of printing.
  • Dealing with bests outcomes since 23+ years and more to go.
  • Ocean's Deep Printers is focusing on the market place where they can offer a varied range of printing options to their users.


We specialize in a big variety of services

  • Excellence of a rich service outcome is what we believe in.
  • Without any further error of the delivery we work smartly with the options required to meet the expectation of client with all-time availability of assistance at any cost.


We will help you look

We polish and structure your product to its core value.

A precise level of research and development of necessary requirement is done at the base level through which an enormous amount of outcome is designed.




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